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22 Years in the making

The dual grip racquet was developed by Lionel Burt of the Los Angles area 22 years ago and has undergone several changes in design and development. Just recently in the last year the Easton Aluminum Corporation saw the potential and merit in it's concept and design and are now implementing it's manufacturing in Taiwan on a highly professional level with a major racquet maker. When you look at the present racquet market and manufacturing processes, you realize one question. "Where can it go from here without re-inventing the wheel" Racquets are made now out of every "Compound" known to man, technology has gone, "Nano" with molecular construction, they even have put a "Chip" in one racquet to make it "Think" about how stiff to be when you hit hard or soft. BUT... it still uses one side of the body in one main hand, and the reach is with one hand. The "Natural" catapults it's user to a new higher level giving greater reach on both sides, with even stress on both sides of the body. It's the next "NATURAL" step in the evolution of the game!


Up until a few years ago it was thought if you were right handed you couldn't even think of hitting a ball left handed. All this has changed with the "Natural". More and more people (even top pros) are realizing the merits and possibilities of developing the coordination in the unused hand. With just a little work on the backboard you too can find out it's really not that hard, and the advantages are awesome! CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW EASY TO USE

CBS NEWS COVERAGE 9/7/2012 ( Click Here)

TIMELY NEWS AS OF SEPT. 7, 2012 - Brian Batestone has put the "Natural" racquet on the "Map of tennis!" At the U.S. Open Championships he walked out on the court playing mixed doubles and when he took the "Beast" as he calls it, out of his bag, you should'a heard the crowd response! Click the heading about to get the whole story, but the two handed "Natural" as it is called, racquet is making a big splash, and may be on it's way to commercial production.


Any time you have a product that has the potential to make a quantum leap, and bring a sport to a new level of hits the major news station. This racquet is so hot it made a portion of the CBS evening news sports section. Click the link below to see the "Natural" and the young doubles team of Brian and Dan Battestone, that have been winning big open tournaments all around the country. It also shows Brian's amazing "Jump serve". Lionel Burt, the inventor of the "Natural" says, "This is just the next obvious step in the evolution of tennis, and awakening of the player's other half of awareness and potential." He also goes on to say, "It is especially great for the beginning younger player that has no preconceived ideas about how tennis "Should be", and seems to take to it overnight. Go to the You Tube link below to get more info and see a demonstration.

Dominating Players

Several top players in So Cal are winning with the "Natural". One in particular is Brian Battestone. This young man and his brother have in one year, won 10 open championships in the southern California area, one being the Santa Monica Open 2006. He as now achieved a challenge ranking and is starting to play in the big leagues. It has been approved by the World Tennis Federation, Wimbeldon Tennis Foundation, as good to go for all levels of play in competition. Patents are existing.

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