If YES was the answers to any of these questions, then you may just have a future as a teacher of one of the easiest LOOKING hardest DOING sports in existence. It can be a really enjoyable experience to teach tennis, if you love tennis...not if you're just looking for what you think is a "Fun" job for a high hourly rate per hr. It seems like it would be a glamorous job, out there telling everybody what to do, in the fresh air, sunshine, doing what you have fun at anyway. I said, SEEMS's just like anything else, do it long enough and you better love every single second or you WILL get bored, tired, worn out and frustrated.

A second job

If teaching tennis is a sideline for you then it never gets boring, and you get to meet new people, make new friends, and it can be fun. But few people want to put the work to be good as an INSTRUCTOR into learning how to instruct if it's just going to be a part time endeavor. Instructing as apposed to PLAYING is a much different "Animal". Very few good players are even mediocre instructors. Your proficiency is not measured by if you win or lose matches, but how FAST your students learn in relationship to their natural ability and coordination. Your greatest challenge may be the inept, geek, with two left feet and nearsightedness. Now you'll find out what kind of teacher you are!

Player Vs Instructor

Look at tennis history for a second. Can you name one "Great" player, a French Open, Wimbeldon, or Grand Slam champion who went on to be a top coach or instructor. On the other hand look at all the great coaches who taught and coached world champions, Yan Tierak, Brad Gilbert, Vic Braden, Dennis VanDermere,Tim Galaway, all really "Good" (but not great) players who went on to establish tennis academies and write books about teaching the game with great success. So...being great at a sport is not the main criteria that will forecast success as an instructor.

What makes a "Great" instructor

Transference of information is the key. Can the student successfully recreate the desired behavior when the instructor is not around? How FAST can someone learn to be actually hitting the ball with control, and actually playing a game, and...having FUN after their first lesson. These are the measuring sticks of how good a teacher you are. A lot of instructors I know try to teach the student "Slowly" so they can get as many lessons from them as possible. I say to students, "I want you to learn the game quickly as possible so you don't need me any soon as possible". A "Great" instructor devises ways of showing, telling, and explaining so as to cause the student to "Naturally" do the proper end result. Many times you have to come up with your own remedy of correcting what is wrong with a student's stroke or game, and do it "Real time", on the court. It is this that sets you apart from the average teacher. Bottom line CARE. Some students are VISUAL learners, this means they learn by watching, seeing, and visualizing the end result. They are taught in a certain way. Others are AUDITORY, and learn by listening, they are taught in a different way, and some are KINESTHETIC, and learn by feelings, they are most certainly taught in a much different way. When you learn to recognize the difference and teach accordingly, THEN you have a much higher level of success.

Many Phases of the game

Teaching how to PLAY the game is only part of the instruction, teaching how to that's the real challenge. That's where coaching comes in to the equation, but it all goes to ad up to one thing at the end...does the student get their money's worth? If they say, "Wow, was that ever fun, I can't wait till my next lesson", then you've done your job. Because in the end, never's how much fun did you have. Always remember, you're not teaching math, or english, or calculus, you're really teaching someone how to have fun with a tennis racquet.


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